[The following write-up dates back to at least 2003, when a friend had emailed it to me.]

Veer Harbans Lal  — A Chronic Sahajdharee
by Kirpal Singh, USA

Sikhism is a great school of learning. Therefore, like any other school it also has its Admirers (Sahajdharees), Cheerleaders (Keshadharees), actual Students (Amritdharees), and Dropouts (Durpokes).

Admirers of any School of Learning are those who privately and secretly always talk about the good qualities of the school curriculum, its standards and success stories. Occasionally they arrange seminars and fundraisers for the school. They try to associate themselves with the name of the school when the news from the school is good, and disassociate when it is not. They are generally timid about wearing anything on their person, which mistakenly could recognize them as the school Admirers.

Cheerleaders, are those who as admirers, always express a desire to enter the school, but never quite make it. They normally stay afraid of the tough school curriculum. Sometimes they think of venturing into it and at other times they chicken out. Mostly, they end up satisfying their fantasies by gathering enough courage to just wear the school T-shirts or other paraphernalia on their person. They always pose that they have something to do with the school, even though they never cross the school gate to walk in.

Actual Students are those, who, first being the admirers and then the cheerleaders actually happen to gather enough courage to face the tough curriculum. They are the ones who, actually walk into the school, get their names registered, and put on the school uniform to recognize themselves with the school. They are the ones who, are mentally prepared to stick with the school, through thick or thin.

Dropouts are generally the Ex-Cheerleaders or Ex-Students. Ex-Cheerleader-Dropouts are those, who, seeing the school curriculum as an impossibility, get scared pale, and stop even dreaming about it. They quit their Cheerleading activities, stop wearing the School T-shirts and go into hiding. Normally, they do keep clinging to the old sweet memories. Therefore they do resurface from time to time, when there is a school re-union, or a party. The Ex-Student-Dropouts are those who happen to enter the school half-heartily, and do not quite make it.

In this process only those Admirers (Sehajdharees) are the lucky ones, who through their admiration happen to progress to become Cheerleaders (Keshadharees), and then successful students (Amritdharees). However, those Sehajdharees who keep on sitting on the sidelines end up becoming Chronic Sahajdharees.

It seems that our Veer Harbans Lal Jee has allowed himself to become that Chronic Sahajdharee. Is it not amazing that even in very very long Fifty years of Sehajdhareeship he has not been able to gather enough courage & understanding to wear even the Sikh School T-shirt???… let alone becoming a student???!!!!

Kirpal Singh, USA.


2 thoughts on “An Acute Observation on “Bhai” Harbans Lal

  1. At the end you really revealed the Truth.
    He even does not fall in the category of
    Sehajdhari. He continues to be a Pucaa Hindu though certain toadies in the garb of Sikhie go on boosting him. In certain Articles he claims to be a True Sikh. Most of the Sikh Editors are his lackeys because he sends them dollars. He also boasted that he keeps Guru Granth Sahib in one room of his house, though in the adjoining room or bathroom he daily shaves and may also be doing various Hindu rituals? He is a big hypocrite !

  2. Valid acute observation. I wonder, what does Harbans Lal think of these Sikhs (with previous names) as follows:
    1. Master Tara Singh – (Nanak Chand Malhotra);
    2. Prof. Sahib Singh – (Nathu Ram);
    3. Prof. Teja Singh – (Tej Ram);
    4. Bhagat Puran Singh – (Ramjidas);
    5. Banker Inderjit Singh – (Hira Lal)

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